PAYROLL CONCEPTThere was a time when the business owner or human resources manager would bring out the company checkbook each week and hand-write paychecks to be given out, usually on Friday. These might come with a slip of paper listing various deductions, perhaps with year-to-date totals of pay and withholding. In some workplaces, employees were given their weekly pay in cash, usually in little envelopes. It worked, but it was cumbersome and time-consuming. Fortunately, those days are mostly gone.

Today, many companies of all sizes outsource employee payroll. Here are some benefits of contracting with a payroll service provider for your business:

  • Time savings. Entrepreneurs are too busy running their businesses to worry about getting their employees paid on time. The payroll provider will ensure that updated payroll is complete for each pay period and that all payments are made, either by check or direct deposit. This frees up time for you to focus on more important things, such as hiring new employees and obtaining new customers.
  • Complexity. Payroll today is full of unique situations, such as withholding for local taxes, court-ordered wage garnishment and charges for benefits. It’s too much for the human resources office to track.
  • Control. You can work with your service provider to keep control of your payroll, spelling out which services you’d like to keep in-house.
  • Compliance. Your provider will have the latest information on government regulations, so your company will remain in compliance.
  • Security. A payroll service will safeguard your company and employee data from computer breaches or cyber theft.

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