42178214_MAny organization – be it a business, a non-profit, or even a household – runs on its personnel. The right person in the right job is often the difference between thriving and floundering. It’s not always about an individual’s training and experience. It’s about passion and belief in the mission. Sometimes it’s as easy as having someone with a vision for the organization and the ability to develop a plan as well as execute it. Passion and belief in the mission also play a role. If a person’s heart isn’t in it, they simply won’t put forth their best effort.

But finding those people can be challenging. Here are some things to consider when bringing new personnel on board:

  • Develop a complete job description, including responsibilities and expectations.
  • Go beyond the resume. Discuss with candidates how they will approach the job and their management style. Determine how the candidate will fit in with your team.
  • Talk about your objectives for the position and how the candidate will work to achieve them.
  • Offer a competitive salary and benefits package to attract top talent.
  • Discuss the candidate’s career goals and opportunities within the company.
  • Do a comprehensive background review, including references, the candidate’s social media accounts, credit history and court filings.

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