Performance management systems are becoming a staple for human resource teams to gauge employee productivity and job satisfaction. These systems not only allow HR teams to review their employees but also for employees to review themselves.

Smiling African American businessman at company meetingLarge companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and Facebook thrive on performance management systems. Here’s a closer look at how a performance management system might help you:

They highlight personal goals and development

Organizations with engaged employees who are invested in their personal development goals are more profitable, according to studies. Improving performance management is a goal for a lot of businesses, so why not make it your focus?

With the right performance management system, it’s easier to evaluate exactly where the employee can improve. Instead of making vague statements around improving work product or communication, you can get more specific. It’s important to understand where the breakdown happened and exactly what steps the employee can take to improve their work. What’s more, when your goals are targeted, you’re more likely to receive employee buy-in.

Utilize real-time feedback

Giving constructive feedback in real-time is essential to help teams improve. Instead of waiting for monthly reviews, you can use your performance management system to manage whole teams to your liking.

When providing real-time feedback, make sure to present it in a thoughtful, non-aggressive way. With the right performance management system, you can even use a template. A template makes it much easier to provide your team members with constructive feedback.

Increase collaboration

Collaboration drives productivity and can result in up to a five-time increase in employee performance.

With many teams working in a remote or hybrid work environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HR can’t allow collaboration to die. The right performance management system has great communication capabilities and a mobile-friendly interface that can be accessed from anywhere. This, and other collaborative tools like Slack and Google Hangouts, keep all of your team members in the loop and on-task.

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