Onboarding is a pain if you don’t have a streamlined process. After all, no employee wants to spend their first day filling out paperwork at a desk.

Instead, invest in automating your processes and saving your company and employees time and money. When you have confident HR employees and up-to-date processes, you’re more likely to retain and gain talent. Here’s how to simplify your company’s onboarding process:

41392875 - three business professionals working together1. Invest in onboarding checklists

When an employee comes in for his or her first day of work, wouldn’t it be nice to log in to an online portal that already has all the necessary paperwork ready?

With the HR software that we offer at Payroll Office of America, employees can electronically submit W-4 and W-9 forms, conduct open enrollment, and manage automated payroll deductions. This comes in handy when trying to unite a remote workforce and allows employees the flexibility to make changes on a whim.

2. Arrange a video training

If most employees in your workplace are remote or on a hybrid schedule, we recommend utilizing video training to get everyone on the same page.

Using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Chat is a great way to make HR presentations efficient for everyone. Plus, utilizing video training decreases office costs and prevents employees from having to drive to the office. Be sure to record all training so that employees can go back and view them later.

3. Take advantage of performance management tools

After you onboard a new employee, you’ll be keeping track of his or her performance and progress over the next few quarters. Instead of scheduling more meetings into everyone’s already busy schedule, take advantage of performance management tools.

With the right software, managers can leave automatic reviews for employees that they can read on their own time. Employees can also review their performance at any time, not just once per quarter.

4. Go paperless

Not only is it crucial to go paperless to help the environment, but it also saves employees from clutter.

Digital options for all employee paperwork, including pay stubs and tax forms are becoming the standard. When in doubt, choose digital, because that’s what employees prefer anyway.

5. Increase security

When choosing HR software, you’ll want one that ranks highly for employee security. When an employee starts at a new company, they want to feel confident knowing all of their private information is safe.

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